Anxiety Depression

When anxiety and depression is left untreated both can get significantly worse, the symptoms build up and impact our lives significantly. This creates a vicious cycle of suffering.


Together we will address the underlying causes of anxiety, learn how to lessen the impact of it, and develop effective coping and problem solving skills.


Depression is something you experience but it does not have to be a label and own you anymore. Together we will help you develop skills and insight to cope with depression and create change. Freedom to Heal Counseling utilizes a empathetic and caring approach to healing. 

Depression can present as:

Anxiety can impact you:

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

I am perinatal mental health certified (PMH-C), equipped to provide expert assistance during the challenging period of becoming a parent.

The journey of parenthood brings forth a range of emotional hurdles for both mothers and fathers. These hurdles encompass symptoms that span from postpartum depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, to PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, and even psychosis. Recognizing the significance of a robust support system in the recovery process, it’s important to remember that no parent needs to navigate this path in solitude.

My role is to serve as a bridge, connecting you with essential resources to expedite your healing journey without unnecessary expenditure of time and energy. Acknowledging the substantial adjustments you’re already undergoing and the numerous responsibilities on your shoulders, these resources can truly be transformative.

Moreover, my expertise extends beyond simply providing resources. I am proficient in advanced mental health psychotherapy tailored specifically for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. This means that alongside directing you to valuable resources, I possess the skills and knowledge to offer impactful therapeutic support during this critical phase of life.

Utilizing a Non-Judgmental and Collaborative Approach to Mental Health Counseling