Rates & Insurance

Phone Consultation

15 Minutes


The phone consultation provides an opportunity to briefly discuss what is bringing you to therapy and to ensure a good fit for you and your needs. 

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Initial Intake Session

60 Minutes


The initial intake session includes finding out more about you and the symptoms you are experiencing. This includes a potential diagnosis, goal setting, and treatment planning.

Therapy Sessions

53-60 Minutes


Together we will meet in an empathetic, compassionate, and judgement free space to improve your well being and healing. Our focus will be on your wants and needs and the concerns you bring to session.

Private Pay

Private pay comes with the benefits of autonomy of your treatment, privacy, peace of mind, and a diagnosis is not required. I highly recommend checking out the FAQs page for more information about the benefits of private pay.  


Cash, checks, and all major debit/credit cards are accepted including health saving account and flexible spending accounts. Please make checks payable to Freedom to Heal Counseling LLC. 

All Payment Is Due at Time of Service

Cancellation Fee

Appointment times are held exclusively for you. Cancellations less than 24 hours of an appointment will be charged a $130 fee. 

Other Service Fees


Accepted insurance (In-Network)

The cost of services varies based on your insurance plan. You will likely be required to pay a co-pay or co-insurance. Freedom to Heal Counseling uses a billing service that assists you in utilizing your insurance benefits making the process easy and convenient. It is recommended that you know and understand your insurance coverage prior to starting services. See the FAQs tab for questions to ask your insurance provider.

Out-of Network

If you want to use your insurance but your insurance is not in-network with Freedom to Heal Counseling, then:

  1.  You will pay for services at the private pay rate
  2. You will receive a “superbill” from Freedom to Heal Counseling
  3. You can submit that “superbill” to your insurance for reimbursement


When using insurance a diagnosis is required in order to receive reimbursement for services. This diagnosis becomes a part of your permanent health record. If you do not meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis Freedom to Heal Counseling cannot ethically bill your insurance.

Payment issues could take place should your insurance seize payment for services, your plan becomes inactive, deemed no longer medically necessary, you have reached the number of sessions covered, or other reasons determined by an insurance provider.

Consideration of your insurance deductible, financial situation, and personal preferences may lead you to decide to avoid these risks. See the FAQs tab for more information about insurance and the benefits of private pay. 

Set Up Your Free Phone Consultation

In compliance with the No Surprises Act, all uninsured and self-pay clients will receive a Good Faith Estimate upon request and/or prior to your scheduled intake appointment. For more information about the No Surprises Act and your right to a Good Faith Estimate, please visit www.cms.gov/nosurprises