Practice Resources

I wanted to provide a list of some of the resources that I use in my private practice. There are many other companies that provide similar services to the ones listed. I did not want to recommend something I have not used, so everything you see listed are services that I use.  Be sure to check out the Professional Consultation page as well.

Electronic Medical Record

Simple Practice

Simple Practice is essential for running a private practice. Your consent forms, scheduling, notes, billing, and even telehealth can be done through simple practice. It makes private practice doable. There are competitors and from what I have seen many of them do things well. I am partial to Simple Practice because it has everything in one place and it is what I have become accustomed to.   

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Psychology Today

Number one in search engine optimization (SEO), a must have for private practice. It helps clients and other therapist find you and provides a look into who you are and what services you provide. Contact me for a 6 month free code.

Open Path

A way to offer affordable counseling to clients. Open Path does not charge you anything to be listed. Open Path is for clients that cannot afford private pay rates or high deductibles. You agree to charge between $30-60 for Open Path clients.

Good Therapy

Not as good of SEO as Psychology Today, but Good Therapy offers CEUs as a bonus. If you get one client it pays for itself in a few sessions. Good Therapy doesn't list what you get for being referred but there is some type of bonus, contact me for the code.

Business Credit Card

American Express Business Card

Apply for an American Express Card with this link. 

 Amex Business Card- Apply

You get a referral offer using the link. There are no annual fees and there is 0% APR first year. It works out very well for starting a new business. The point system is simple and easy to understand.

Billing Company

I was fortunate enough to get introduced to a billing company that did my credentialing and currently does my billing. They make the process streamlined and easy and thus far any problems I've had have been corrected. They charge a monthly rate and they also place you on their directory which is a nice bonus service. They do compensate for referrals, so if you are interested just reach out to me, we can talk, and I will introduce you to one of their representatives. If you click on the image below you can schedule a short consultation for free with a representative to tell you more!

All of the resources above are services that I use. This is not a comprehensive list and the recommendations are my personal opinion. I can get referral rewards when you sign up using some of the links and codes listed, so thank you!   

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