Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Related Questions

Yes! Freedom to Heal Counseling is in network with Aetna, Optum, UMR, Oxford Health, Oscar, Harvard and Pilgrim, Meritian, Nippon, All Savers, Allied Benefit System and United Health Care.

Utilizing your insurance benefits is streamlined and easy with Freedom to Heal Counseling.  During your free consultation you will provide your insurance information and will receive an email that will have a projection of what your co-pay will be for services. It is suggested that you speak to your insurance provider to confirm your benefits and coverage.  Understanding your in-network Insurance link

If your insurance covers  counseling/psychotherapy, then Freedom to Heal Counseling can produce a “superbill” for you to provide to your insurance  for reimbursement directly to you. Freedom to Heal Counseling is not responsible for any insurance related issues or lack of reimbursements. 

  • Do I have mental health counseling benefits?
  • Do I have a deductible that I have to meet?
    • Have I met it?
    • How close am I to meeting it?
  • Does my plan have a maximum number of sessions that are covered?
  • Do I have a co-pay or co-insurance for utilizing my insurance?

Yes, you have autonomy of your treatment.  If you would like to keep your privacy, don’t want to have a diagnosis, or if you agree with the reasons listed in the “what are the benefits of private pay section?” then that is your choice and you do not have to use your insurance. 

Short Answer: It depends…

Long Answer: Insurance requires a diagnosis in order to pay for sessions. A relationship cannot be diagnosed. However, if the person in the relationship meets criteria for a diagnosis and relationship therapy will address that individual person’s diagnosis, then insurance will likely pay for services. If there is not a diagnosis (i.e. relationship problems, communication issues, distress, etc.) then it would be fraudulent for Freedom to Heal Counseling to bill  insurance.  Most couples elect to pay out of pocket for therapy.

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What Are the Benefits of Private Pay?

Insurance companies set limits around the services you receive including the number of sessions, the length of sessions, the frequency, and most importantly the type of counseling you receive. When you do private pay you have the autonomy to determine your goals and the course of treatment that best fits those goals.

Insurance Companies are provided some of your information to process necessity of the services being provided; Including information about your diagnosis (Diagnosis required with insurance), treatment goals, and progress. 

The therapeutic relationship is very important. Finding the right counselor for you is crucial because you are spending time, money, and energy into the commitment of your therapy. When using insurance, you are limited to the counselors in your network, those that may not be the best fit for you. Private pay allows you the ability to find a counselor that has the approach, personality, and specialties that best fit your needs and wants, and provide opportunity for a strong therapeutic relationship.

Insurance companies operate on a medical model that often requires a mental health diagnosis to determine medical necessities. In private pay we do not have to give you a diagnosis in order to proceed with treatment, instead we will focus on your treatment goals and concerns.

If you pay private pay/out of pocket, you will know how much sessions are and will not be asked to pay more in the future. There are times where insurance denies claims, had a  miscommunication about the copay, terminated the plan, and/or other problems where past sessions were not properly covered leaving the client with potentially a large bill. 

Other Questions

Everything in mental health counseling is private with some exceptions: 1) if you are going to harm yourself or others, 2) suspicion of child abuse or a vulnerable population, 3) in some cases a court subpoena, and 4) if you choose to use insurance, some information must be disclosed to them in order to obtain payment coverage for your sessions. Confidentiality is extremely important for the therapeutic process, and is something I take very seriously. Your rights and more about confidentiality is outlined in the intake  paperwork that you will receive before the first session.

Click on this link Contact and fill out the fields to request a free 15 minute initial consultation. 

Freedom to Heal Counseling does not provide services for children or adolescents but can provide you with appropriate referrals. In some special cases Cordell Pearson will work with a teenager on athletic performance if the client is going into college athletics.

Sessions are typically between 50-55 minutes long. Although 80-90 minute private pay sessions can also be scheduled for those engaging in EMDR or couples therapy. More time is helpful for both of these therapies because it allows us to fully engage in the process and ensure that you have received the most out of your therapy.

Most clients meet weekly or every other week. This can be flexible based on your wants and needs.

Freedom to Heal Counseling does not write letters or fill out paperwork for emotional support animals, FMLA, hormone replacement therapy, short term or long term disability, or ADA paperwork. Fees associated with letters and court related things are listed in the initial paperwork (informed Consent).  Much of this documentation and paperwork is outside my scope of expertise and should come from a medical doctor, I do not write these letters as part of my practice. 

I can provide referrals to therapeutic interventionists that help with these processes. I do not provide any testimony as an expert witness as this requires extensive training that is beyond my scope of expertise. I charge a substantial hourly fee in the event I am required to go to court. If you need an expert witness, or need therapist skilled in court testimony and assistance, I will provide you with referrals. 

Freedom to Heal Counseling offers both telehealth and in person therapy. Cordell Pearson is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The lobby is shared with others and it is asked that you wear a mask in the lobby and may remove it in session if desired. Cordell has extra masks if you want/need one. If you are feeling ill please switch your session to telehealth or cancel.

Freedom to Heal Counseling asks that you give advance notice for cancellations when possible. Your appointment time is held for you. If you cancel less than 24 hours of your appointment there is a $130 late cancellation fee.

Telehealth Questions

Freedom to Heal Counseling offers both telehealth and in person sessions depending on your needs and wants.

Yes! EMDR can be done through telehealth; we will use a platform designed specifically for EMDR. 

Couple therapy works great through telehealth!